Massage Therapy, Reiki &

The Divine Willow University

Who We Are

The Divine Willow, LLC focuses on in-person Massage Therapy, Reiki, and

The Divine Willow Spiritual University is conducted online!

The Spiritual University

The Divine Willow University teaches you how to get spiritual answers to fix life’s problems. This online school is designed to give you the tools to grow into the powerful human you are aiming to become! You are not just a body, you are not just a mind, and you are not just a soul. You are all three; body, mind, and soul! To live your life to the fullest you need to nurture each one of those parts of you and that is what this school teaches you!

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is by our very talented Michael who is a licensed massage therapist. He focuses on your needs and with years of experience, he can help you ease out the knots life has given you, so you can feel like you again! If this sounds like something you need, feel free to click that Reserve button just above or check out his services.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is an energy healing system that helps to reduce stress, but also helps to heal your energy. Having healthy and strong energy means you will be happy, healthy, and have a positive life. Reiki energy helps to bring that positive energy into your life by removing old, negative energy, such as stress.