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At The Divine Willow we offer therapeutic Massage therapy, along with Reiki, and Metaphysical training, because we are trying to work on your entire being, not just one side to you. A lot of people understand massage; they know it is important for optimal health. They are aware massage can remove toxins, relieve pain, and heal the body.

What so many are not aware of is their energetic system, the part of their body they cannot see, is just as important as their physical body! This is because all of your physical ailments started in your energetic system first and worked its way down to your physical body, creating a physical problem. If you had removed the energetic problem first, you would not have ended up with the physical ailment the massage therapist needs to work out.

Your mind is a powerful machine and that machine can create physical problems with just a thought that you can see and feel. It is important to learn how to heal your negative emotions and thoughts, so you can feel your best. Proper nutrition, proper physical activity, along with positive thoughts and emotions, combined with massage, are all crucial for your overall well-being. You are not just a physical being! You are a strong, emotional, thoughtful, being who needs to take care of your body on the inside as well as the outside so you can live the best life you came here to earth to live!

We offer massage for your physical well-being. We offer Reiki to remove stress, negative thoughts, and emotions from your energetic system. We offer metaphysical training because you are just as much a soul as you are a body! You are Body, Mind & Soul wrapped in a perfect body that you need to take care of in its entirety so you can feel the way you want to feel while you are here one earth living your best life possible!

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