Affirmation Meditation

Do you have an old habit you no longer want? Sometimes changing your old habits is difficult to do. This is because that habit is sitting in your subconscious mind playing on repeat forever until you turn off the program. Think of your mind as a supercomputer and this old habit is like a program that runs in the background of your mind. The only way to get rid of the old habit is to remove it from your mind. Hypnosis is excellent for doing just that!

An affirmation is a short phrase you say to yourself to help lift your mood or enhance your day, but they can also be used to change the way you think, which in turn will change your life!

Affirmation meditations are 20 minutes of repeating the same short phrase to yourself while meditating, done the same way as chanting meditations. You sit quietly, listen to the recording repeat the same words, then you think those words to yourself, while sitting in a meditative position. As you listen to the recording you also need to think the words to yourself, as thinking the words to yourself in a repeating fashion, combined with the deep state of meditation, is how you rewrite your subconscious mind. With the affirmation meditations you are changing an old habit and getting all of the benefits of deep meditation at the same time.

This is a membership program where you pay a monthly fee, but have access to the affirmation meditations as long as you are a member!


Change the way you think and you WILL change your life!

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