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I work with the metaphysical and paranormal side of things here at The Divine Willow. I received my bachelor’s in psychology and went on to achieve my master’s focusing on mental health counseling. I learned to be a hypnotist at The Thomas Institute of Hypnosis in Concord NH. I use hypnosis for all of your metaphysical needs or questions. I love hypnosis because it is such an easy tool to use to help yourself grow and the best part is, hypnosis is all natural, perfectly safe, and an ability we all possess! I combine meditation with hypnosis techniques to help you achieve your metaphysical goals by removing energetic blocks, clearing old karma, or exploring your past lives, to name just a few, all to find out your soul’s true nature.

I spent years learning what my soul job is here on earth and that job is to teach as many people as possible who they are as a soul, so they can heal from their soul’s traumas and karmas, and finally go back to their soul’s home at the end of this life. My job is to teach you all I have learned from my studies into the paranormal since I was a child, to teach all I have learned from my guides, and give that knowledge to you so you can work on learning more about who your soul is, why your soul is here, where your soul comes from, and what you need to do to go back to your soul’s home! This type of work takes commitment, dedication, and persistence from you for yourself. Hypnosis is the tool you need to help you learn more about your soul!

I am not trained to work with children. If you feel you are having a mental health issue, please contact your doctor right away!

Availability: Monday - Thursday 2 PM - 7 PM

Metaphysical Hypnosis

I use hypnosis to help you with:

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to change your habits. Your mind is a powerful machine that has the capabilities of remembering even the smallest of details. Think of your mind as a computer remembering everything it ever sees, hears, or feels throughout your entire life. Sometimes those memories act like a "program" that is running in the background of your mind, always on, always active, causing you to act, feel, and behave in ways that might be outdated for your current self. Unless you turn off those active programs, your subconscious mind will keep them running, causing you to do the bad habits you want to stop. Hypnosis is how you turn off those old programs running in the background of your mind. Hypnosis tells the program to stop and replaces that old program with a new, wanted program. Hypnosis is so powerful you only need one to three sessions to accomplish your goals!


Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to change your habits, to remove life blocks getting in the way of your spiritual development, and health growth! Set up your 3 Metaphysical Hypnosis sessions! Email us about our Metaphysical Hypnosis sessions!

Past Lives

Learn more about your soul's story by visiting your past lives with 3 metaphysical hypnosis sessions! Email us about your interest in these sessions!

Hypnosis Misconceptions

Hypnosis is not mind control. You are always in complete control during a hypnotic session.

You are not unconscious while hypnotized. You will remember the session.

You cannot be forced to do anything you do not want to do. You will always be in control!

You can lie while hypnotized.

You cannot get stuck in a hypnotic state, ever! No matter what movies say!

You cannot die while hypnotized!

Hypnosis is very similar to meditation, which is why self-hypnosis is great to learn!

In order for hypnosis to work effectively you must be willing to change your habit or belief by 85% or more.

All hypnosis sessions are done via Video Chat or you can have a personalized recording made!

Hypnosis Sessions

Our 3 Hypnosis sessions is the commitment you need to

be willing to make to change your habit forever! To set up your Hypnosis sessions you can send us an email or call us!

Sessions are done through video chat or in person. This is a set of 3 hypnosis sessions. These three sessions are your commitment to yourself to say you are ready to commit to change! Only one topic per session can be done at a time. Overloading on topics in one session is too much change for your mind to process. A consultation is needed for the initial session to gather information about your needs for hypnosis.  The first session will be about 75 minutes long. All sessions afterwards will be about 45 - 60 minutes in length. All sessions must be paid before the first session! For the video sessions, you need to sit in front of a computer, with headphones that have a microphone, so I can see and hear you clearly.

Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis Session - $510

 A phone consultation is needed for the initial session to gather information about your needs for hypnosis. Only one topic can be recorded at a time. Overloading on topics in one recording is too broad and difficult for your mind to process all that change at once.  A recording will be made and sent to you through dropbox. You do not need dropbox to access the file. Listen to the recording as often as you need. There is no need to come into the office for this recording. All recordings must be paid for before recording can be made!

Recorded Sessions

1 Recording - $170

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Appointments:   All sessions are done by appointment only!

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