The Iyashi® Wand is one of the original, authentic zero point energy wands and the first full spectrum all-purpose holistic wellness tool. Take control of your life and well-being in your own hands. The Iyashi Wand can work for everything by realigning your body’s energetic systems allowing it to harmonize your entire body's bio-field.


Zero Point Energy Wand


Iyashi Scalar Energy Bracelets combine our proprietary full spectrum scalar energy infusion with the beneficial negative ions naturally produced by the tourmaline/ crystal ceramic material Iyashi Bracelets are made of. Iyashi Bracelets are the perfect combination of subtle scalar energy and negative ions to help your body's energetic systems including; harmonizing your bio-field, protecting from EMFs, providing far-infrared benefits, clearing energy blockages and much more.


Scalar Energy Bracelets


Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants are made of natural crystals which are infused with Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (B.F.I.T.). B.F.I.T. infuses a full spectrum of over 18000+ beneficial vibrational frequencies which enhance and brings out the crystals natural energies making those the most predominant. Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants come in 16 different types to provide a wide variety of specialized energy signatures to meet your unique needs.


Scalar Energy Pendants


Our bodies are naturally alkaline but unfortunately in today's world we are constantly put into an acidic state through pollution, the foods we eat, and stress. It makes sense the easiest way to change this is through drinking alkaline anti-oxidant hydrogen water like Cerra Water®. 



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