•    Core properties remain for all Kinesio Taping® specifications
•    Brings Nano-touch™ stimulation to epidermis and layers beneath
•    Mimics gentle human touch yet provides a more effective hold
•    Micro-grip™ deep set adhesive manufacturing process provides better grip and hold 

     with less adhesive surface area

•    Higher grade cotton with more breathability
•    Features a new protected weave process for improved comfort
•    Hypoallergenic and latex free for all patient populations
•    Exclusively available to medical care professionals
•    Recommended for medical use. 


Kinesio Tex Gold

Kinesio Pre-Cut Back Support is designed to support and comfort overstretched back muscles. Each Pre-Cut Back application comes with one pink and two black I-strip


Pre-Cut Back

Kinesio Pre-Cut Wrist Support is designed to provide support for common wrist problems. Whether it's due to repetitive motions, carpal tunnel syndrome, or recovery Kinesio provides wrist support and alleviates associated discomfort. Each Pre-CutWrist application comes with two black I-strips and one blue I-strip.


Pre-Cut Wrist

Kinesio Pre-Cut Knee Support is designed for to provide support for the patella and runner’s knee. Providing and alleviating associated discomfort and swelling. Each Pre-Cut Knee application comes with one black I-strip, one blue I-strip and one back Y-strip.


Pre-Cut Knee

The new Kinesio Tex Performance+ Tape offers comfortable wear while syncing to the body’s multi-directional movement. It also provides stability, support and pressure release for deep fascia and muscle.


Tex Performance+

Kinesio Pre-Cut Shoulder Support is designed to support shoulder muscles and common should injuries suck as rotator cuff. Each Pre-Cut Shoulder application comes with one black I-strip, one blue I-strip and one blue Y-strip.


Pre-Cut Shoulder

Kinesio Pre-Cut Neck Support is designed to support the neck due to muscle strain or ligament sprain. Each Pre-Cut Neck application comes with one black I-strip and two beige Y-strips.


Pre-Cut Neck

Kinesio Pre-Cut Foot Support is designed to address common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. The foot application provides support to the arch of the foot to alleviate associated discomfort. Each Pre-CutFoot application comes with one blue I-strip and two pink fan strips.


Pre-Cut Foot

The new Kinesio Tex Light Touch+ (LT) tape presents a unique formula, gentle enough for all skin types. It offers an alternative for pediatric to geriatric patients, and anyone with a tendency to skin sensitivity. Its focus on the dermis and superficial fascia skin layers attracts fluid thus creating space for lymphatic movement.  This in turn creates multi-directional soft motion: an action similar to memory foam. Light Touch provides a shift of misaligned tissue into its correct position by means of light stimulation. 


Light Touch

Kinesio continues to provide our famous wave design that has set the standard for Kinesio Taping® practitioners worldwide. From elite athletes and weekend warriors to neurological and pediatric patients, Kinesio® Tex Classic provides users with high quality and consistent results.


Tex Classic

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