Services We Offer:


Massage Services:


  • Aromatherapy - $10
  • Sugar Foot Scrub- $10

  • Sugar Hand Scrub- $10

  • Sugar Foot & Hand Scrub- $15

  • Cupping- $20

  • Kinesio Taping- $20 - $40

  • Paraffin Wax - $15

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Massage Services Add-Ons:

Hypnosis & Metaphysical Services:

All of our massages are conducted in a professional therapeutic fashion!



 Hypnosis - Set up a FREE 30 Minute Hypnosis Consultation!


Just about everyone can be hypnotized, including children. As long as you are capable of understanding hypnosis, then you are capable of being hypnotized. Hypnosis can help with many things. It can help you break bad habits, it can help build up confidence, it can help remove fears, it can help you eat better, or stop smoking, it can also help with past life regression and soul information. Sessions are 45 minutes long.

You are not asleep. 

You cannot be forced to change anything about you.

You are not giving any of your power over to a hypnotist. 

You can get up and walk out of a session if you so choose to.

You are not weak minded if you can be hypnotized, because just about everyone can be hypnotized. 

You can lie while hypnotized. 

You are hyper-aware of yourself and surroundings while hypnotized.

You cannot get stuck in a hypnotic state, so rest assured.

Hypnosis is a safe and all natural ability you were born with.

Trying to stop smoking? Learn Self-Hypnosis in our Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis Course!

Our Reiki, and Metaphysical/Spiritual sessions can be offered through face-to-face or Skype, and hypnosis sessions can be recorded.  Not sure what you need or should do? Set up a FREE 30 minute consultation and we can discuss it! ALL hypnosis sessions require a 30 minute FREE consultation first!

Soul Readings

Soul readings are where you are put into a hypnotic/meditative state and communicate with your guides, see past lives, and other parts of your soul to find out answers to some of your life questions. The information comes from you and your guides, as the work is done through you. If you find you are nervous before the session it can get in the way of getting information from your soul. Try to stay relaxed, as nothing bad can or will happen during a soul reading. You are simply meditating on a deeper level with the use of hypnosis to communicate with your guides for answers. Sessions are 2 hours long.


During the Reiki session the client lays on a massage table, eyes closed, and can meditate or simply relax. The Reiki sessions are conducted with meditation, as well as Reiki. As a client you will receive Reiki energy during the entire session, but the practitioner is meditating and communicating with your spirit guides the entire time. The guides are helping during the session to heal or clear up any negative energy that may be around. If you have any questions before the session begins, we will discuss it and then the practitioner will talk to your guides about your questions. All information that is gathered from the guides during the Reiki session will be given to you at the end of the Reiki session. Sessions are 30 minutes long.

Metaphysical Training

The Metaphysical Training sessions are designed for those looking to learn and grow with their spiritual development. If you are looking to learn how to grow spiritually, then the metaphysical training sessions are the best sessions to get as they will cover any topic of spiritual development you currently need. Sessions are an hour long.

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