Distant Reiki Sessions

A Complete DistantUsui

Reiki  Healing Sessions

Reiki Energy Reading and Healing Sessions are done from a distance. 

With distant Reiki sessions, I do not need you in front of me to read your energy! There are three levels to Reiki and in Reiki level two Reiki practitioners learn how to do Distant Reiki. Distant Reiki can be sent across the room or around the world. A client is not required to be in the same room with a Reiki practitioner who is Reiki level II and above. Many of my clients love the distant Reiki sessions!

I use a cute teddy bear as a surrogate for you while doing the Distant Reiki session.

During my Reiki sessions, I communicate with your guides to work on any spiritual healing you need, I clear up your chakras and aura, I clear away negative energy and attachments, and I remove cords and ghosts that may be attached to you. I go through past lives and heal or destroy old contracts. I will also remove any darker beings that you may have as well, as dark energies are more of a specialty for me. While I work with your soul I ask your guides to help with the healing work. I deal with your soul's growth, life lessons, and life path, as I am not good with earth information, such as if you are going to get a job you want. You are receiving Reiki the entire session, but also receiving earth energy and the energy of your soul, which is needed for deep healing. You are getting a powerful energetic clean-up!  After I am done with the session, I will email you exactly what I saw and what your guides had to say.  I do all of my sessions through email at this point in time.


Energy healing is a commitment you make to yourself to heal yourself of any negative energy, so you can live a happier life!

30 Minutes

You will receive Reiki for 20 minutes to clear away energetic blocks, clear the chakras and aura, and remove any negative attachments, then we will send an email after the session to let you know what I found in your energy system, and any homework for you to do. I say a lot, so an email is a good way for you not to have to write things down or remember what I said.

30 Minutes - $60

Mon, Wed, Fri - 1 pm - 8 pm

Tue, Thur, Sat 9 am - 8 pm

Sun Closed

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