Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Micahel Amador 

LMT, CKTP, CKTP+, HGP-1, RM, ACE - Owner


My name is Mike and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Kinesio Taping® Practitioner, Hawk Grips practitioner, Aline Certified Expert, and a Reiki Master. ​I combine therapeutic massage, Reiki, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), and Kinesio Taping® to help reduce any pain and increase mobility. Kinesio Taping®  helps in between massage sessions for pain management and mobility. I also do relaxation massage as well, to help relieve any stress, but also to help prevent any future ailments from even starting. I am a professional therapeutic massage therapist who works in a professional environment. Please, take the time for yourself and come in so I can help you decrease pain and increase mobility. 

At this time I am the only Massage Therapist available!

My Specializations

Therapeutic Massage Therapist

I am a licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist


Kinesio Taping

I am a certified Kinesio Tex Taping Practitioner


HAWK Grips

I am a certified in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization 


Aline Expert

I am a certified Aline Shoe Insert expert

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